Echo Your Pay Sweepstakes

Double Your Payday up to $5,000
with EchoPay Visa® Prepaid Card.

How to Enter the Sweepstakes

New to EchoPay?

Sign up for an EchoPay Visa Prepaid Card and start getting your payroll Direct Deposited to your card. Only direct deposits of $100 or more are eligible.

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Already a Cardholder?

All EchoPay Visa Prepaid Card customers currently receiving Direct Deposits of $100 or more are automatically entered to double their payday, up to $5,000!

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How it Works

  • Get a Direct Deposit of at least $100 on your EchoPay Visa Prepaid Card.
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  • You’re automatically entered to double your payday, up to $5,000. 6  You’re entered up to four times per month.
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  • All EchoPay Visa Prepaid Card customers will get paid up to two days earlier than before 1.

Use Partner Cards to double your chances.

Are you an EchoPay customer? Order a Partner Card for your partner. Their direct deposits will also be qualified for Echo Your Pay each month!

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